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Metropolitan Cathedral (2015)Metropolitan Cathedral, Detail (2015)Headdress, Zocalo (2015)Linda on the Zocalo (2015)Zocalo Panorama (2015)Organ Grinder #1, Near the Zocalo (2015)Organ Grinder #2, Near the Zocalo (2015)Ceiling Detail, Palacio Bellas Artes (2015)Detail with Mural, Palacio Bellas Artes (2015)Lamp and Stairway Detail, Palacio Bellas Artes (2015)Protest Poster, Parque Alameda (2015)Posing for Pictures, Parque Alameda (2015)Street Detail (2015)Graffiti near Mercado San Juan (2015)Turkeys, Mercado San Juan (2015)Piglets, Mercado San Juan (2015)Linda and Keith Lunch in Mercado San Juan (2015)Stone Figures, Templo Mayor (2010)Main Post Office (2015)Parque Coyoacán

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