Thank you for visiting.  You'll find here an evolving body of my personal photographic work spanning circa 1981 up to the present day.  Photos from the Boundary Waters of Minnesota can be found in the North America section of the Portfolio menu above.  A portion of proceeds from sale of BWCA-themed prints goes to the Save the Boundary Waters campaign to protect the BWCA (  

Upcoming events at my studio space in Casket Arts Building, Studio 116 (

- Art-A-Whirl May 19-21 (

Other Venues:

May:  Artist of the Month at Chilkoot Cafe and Cyclery (, featuring the collection "India: States of Mind".  Preview on this site at Portfolio>Asia>Chilkoot May 2017.

May-September:  Northwoods Friends of the Arts, 201 River Street in Cook, MN- BWCA photographic prints and notecards on display and available for purchase.

- June:  Northwoods Friends of the Arts Spring Art Expo, June 9-30- Photos from the BWCA displayed in various locations and businesses in the city of Cook, MN.

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Sunrise and Mist, Horse Lake (2010)Sunrise and Mist, Horse Lake (2010)Mist rises into the crisp autumn air over Horse Lake, in Minnesota's BWCA